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Home from the Extreme Mustang Makeover~

Posted by horstrainir123 on September 25, 2008 at 11:16 AM

Hey everyone.. you probably received my e-mail letting everyone know how we did. I figured I would elaborate on this here.

The conditioning score.. which was 20% of our score was perfect! Bu was in excellent condition. Everyone commented on how wonderful he looked!I was pleased with this.

The in-hand competition was a little different. I was extremely nervous and it transfered to Bu. We had to trot in-hand around barrels and Bu did this well. We had to stop in the square, pivot, and then continue on to the trailer. We did the pivot pretty well. The trailer loading is what messed us up! He refused to load in that trailer and I took too long trying to get him into it. We only had 4 minutes to complete 6 obstacles. The 1 minute warning came on so I decided to move on and pick up his feet. This is normally no problem, but Bu  was distracted and it took me longer to get his feet up. This is where we ran out of time. So I didn't get to complete the back through the L, and the trot poles. This is what really hurt our overall score. The In-Hand course was 30% of our score.

The ridden course we did pretty well. This was 50% of our score. He got a perfect 10 for standing and mounting from Ken McNab! Then we had to ride a half circle at the canter to the left,stop at the cone, pivot to the right and then canter a circle to the right. We only got two strides of canter to the left, the pivot was good, then the canter depart for the right was great. Only Bu lost his balance in the turn and broke to a trot. We then had to trot into the chute.

 Bu trotted up to it and then we walked the rest of the way. They had a rope gate right at the entrance to the chute and Bu shyed at it. He did a pretty good back until the end of the L. He got a little frustrated, but then walked up to the gate pretty good. We had never practiced a gate so I was pleased at him being so calm going through it! He backed away from the gate so I didn't get a chance to close it.

We moved onto the next obstacle which was the bridge. He had walked over this bridge about 20 times in practice, but refused to do it in the competition. I think it had something to do with the plastic plants they put on each side of it. :) We continued on to the trot poles which he did fantastic at. We stopped at the cone and then did our freestyle.

The freestyle I did a figure eight at the trot. Two pivots both directions, stop and back, rode straight lines, rode large circles both directions.I think we did well here! He was listening.

We made some mistakes and I have learned from this experience. Bu has learned quite a bit and we will continue his dressage training. I hope to use him for an ambassador of the breed in the english disciplines.Overall this was  agreat experience. I think every trainer there probably has a few suggestions for the Mustang Heriatage Foundation, but they are trying to do a great thing and I support then in their efforts. I also appreciate them winning Bu for me! He is an amazing horse.

There were so many people that helped on this journey... Cathy Edens, Lesley Thompson, Bonnie Allison, Kristyn Williams, Robin Plank, Erin Allison, Joe Graft, Katie Graft, Mary Alice Tolbert, Debi Karsnitz, Mom, Jennie, Chris, Kim, Lisa, and Lori.. if I forgot anyone I apologize. Everyone was so supportive and I love you guys!


Rebecca & Bu





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1 Comment

Reply Karen and Tripp
9:32 PM on September 28, 2008 
<b></b><i></i><span style="color:indigo;"></span><span style="font-size:12px"></span> <br>Rebecca and Bu, Karen and Tripp here! <img alt="big grin" src=""
> <br> <br>I am soooo glad you got to take Bu home! Do you still get emotional about adoption day even tho it is over? I still do....I actually cry! <br> <br>It was so wonderful getting to meet you and share our EMM experiences! You and your boyfriend are really great people! I wish we could have had more time to visit. OH! And I can't forget your posse! Ha ha! You had a great cheerleading section, and they cheered for us too! Woo hoo! <br> <br>Keep up the good work, and thank you for being a great person! <br> <br>Who knows? Maybe our paths will cross agian in the future! <br> <br>Hugs to you all! <br> <br>Karen and Tripp